(Per’en-na’tion) The ability of a plant to persist for more than one year; in temperate climates to go into dormancy to over winter or go through a dry season before resuming growth the following year or season.

Perennation is a nursery specializing in perennial edible and medicinal plants with a focus on plants native to the Great Lakes Region.  In most instances these plants are reared from wild collected seed to provide a genotype originating within this region.

In some cases cultivars of native species are used, as with Lingonberry: a plant native to Wisconsin and Michigan but rarely occurring and therefore protected by law from wild harvest.  In other cases plants native elsewhere in the United States or Canada are included in our collection since they are delicious and have not been demonstrated to be invasive.  Examples are Passion Flower, Honeyberry, and Beach Plum.

Some of the collection is at present available only in limited numbers as populations are being developed on the farmstead located in Leelanau County Michigan.  If desired species are listed as “In Development” or “Sold Out”, please send us an email with your request and we will put you in the queue for notification once these become available.  

We strongly encourage people to visit the farmstead on a pre-arranged basis, as we are not at present mailing plant stock.  We also offer popup nursery events when sufficient numbers of individuals in a given region place orders.  When occurring, these are listed under Events.  Events also include farmstead tours